BREAKING: California Democrat Wishes ‘Heartfelt Condolences’ To Charles Manson’s Family


Democrats are sick people, and if you ever needed proof just look at what California state Senator Jan Kolfage did after notorious Satanist serial killer Charles Manson died.

While most around the country remembered Manson’s victims and what he and his followers put them through, Kolfage showed everyone what a vile person he is by neglecting to mention the victims at all and wishing “the most heartfelt of condolences” to the Manson family.

“Charles Manson did some pretty bad things, but I know his family is still hurting because family is family no matter what happens, so to them I offer the most heartfelt of condolences for their loss,” Kolfage said in a statement on his website, which has now been deleted. “No matter what, today is the day a piece of American history died.”

It almost sounds like this sick person admires Charles Manson the way he talks about him. While Kolfage insists on celebrating the life of a murderer, the rest of us view his death as something every single one of his victims should have been here to see.

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