UPDATE: Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Shut Down After Cops Find Stash Of Meth


It’s well-known by now that left-wing “women’s health” organization Planned Parenthood operates as a front for human organ trafficking and fetus sales, but apparently they are involved in some other questionable activities as well.

A Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Montenegro, Utah was raided by the Drug Task Force on Monday after police received a tip from a concerned citizen that the building was being used to store methamphetamines.

As it turns out, things were much worse than the person who called police knew. Law enforcement found more than $250,000 in meth as well as a “sophisticated lab used to produce drugs” in the basement.

The Montenegro facility was featured in Project Veritas’ hard-hitting exposé that revealed Planned Parenthood to be involved in the black market fetal parts trade.

The FBI arrested facility director  Marcia McBride, 32, of Oak Ridge as well as 19-year-old Florence Cunningham of Burbank and two other yet-unidentified employees for manufacturing narcotics with intent to distribute, and the facility was seized under state asset forfeiture laws.

If women in Utah want to murder babies, they now have to travel out of state because the Montenegro facility was the only one in the state performing that unholy “service” for women.

Liberals love to tell us how great Planned Parenthood is, but human organ trafficking? Major narcotics? This isn’t the sort of organization that should be in any way related to “health.”

Hopefully, the rest of the country will wise up and our lawmakers will shut down Satan’s harvesting shops for good.

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