BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Hospitalized After Thanksgiving Turkey Attacks Her


While the turkeys in the Democrat Party love Hillary Clinton, actual turkeys apparently like her just as much as the rest of us.

Hillary Clinton made a brief appearance at a charity event in New York City that featured a live turkey mascot. While President Trump was able to pet the turkeys he pardoned, Hillary didn’t have as much luck with her feathered friend.

“Ms. Clinton reached down to touch the bird when it began to squawk and peck at her, leaping at her face as a shocked Clinton fell to the ground,” the New York Times reported Thursday. “Ms. Clinton was rushed to the hospital after sustaining numerous lacerations to her face as well as other injuries related to the fall.”

“Ms. Clinton will remain hospitalized overnight for observation because of a serious infection on her inner thigh that is causing doctors some concern,” the Times notes. “It is unclear if the injury was sustained during the turkey attack.”

While you’ve already likely told your family and friends what you’re thankful for this year, you can always let them know that you’ve added a brave turkey in New York who did what we all wish we could do to Hillary Clinton.


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