BREAKING: Anthony Weiner Banned From Facebook After Sending Tomi Lahren D*ck Pics


Why Facebook would allow Democrat sexual predator Anthony Weiner to still use the platform? Weiner, who was recently released early from prison for good behavior after he was convicted of sending photographs of his probably infected micro-penis to a 15-year-old girl, rejoined the social media giant on Tuesday and by Friday had already gotten himself in trouble again when he messaged conservative pundit Tomi Lahren.

“Holy crap, look what that pervert Anthony Weiner just sent me out of the blue on Tuesday,” Lahren tweeted Thursday after she noticed the message, adding an image of a monkey to cover the parts no one wants to see. “You’re lucky I can’t figure out how to put smileys over videos in my phone.”

Lahren posted another screenshot where Weiner tells her he wants her “so bad” and has “thought about [them]] doing 69.”

“Pleaseeee,” he desperately begged. Lahren says she blocked him after reporting the unsolicited photos of “little Anthony” to Facebook.

She is currently waiting to hear back with the results of her reports, but since Weiner is a Democrat it’s likely that nothing will be done about the harassment.

UPDATE: Weiner’s account was banned Thursday afternoon following the publication of this report.

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