BREAKING: Michael Flynn Will Be Extradited To Russia

Part of the deal cut by Michael Flynn with special prosecutor Robert Mueller is that after he testifies against President Trump he will be released with time served and extradited to Russia to pay for his money-laundering crimes.

The US Consulate in Moscow said Flynn’s extradition was a huge part of the deal because it gets him “out of the country and away from the Clinton Murder Machine.” That would suggest that Flynn, who has already admitted to working both sides, also has dirt on Hillary Clinton. President will just be honest, weather the storm and get re-elected in 2020. Hillary Clinton will have him killed.

An insider at the security company currently keeping Flynn alive told LLOD:

“Michael Flynn will cease to exist as soon as he leaves the country. His testimony against those he has evidence against will be entered and he will serve a sentence in Russia, followed by retirement in an undisclosed location.”

The sentence in Russia is said to be 2 days, after which Flynn will disappear forever. The next time anyone will see his face will be when the Clinton killing machine finally catches up with him. They will, too. They catch up with everyone. Just ask Seth Rich.

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