BREAKING: Mueller Lied About Why Anti-Trump FBI Agent Was Fired

Last week we found out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was forced to fire one of his goons after a series of anti-Trump text messages were found on his phone. Now we are learning something even more disturbing: The agent, Peter Strzok was having an affair with Clinton Campaign Vice Chair Huma Abedin.

An unnamed source within Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt into our President Donald Trump’s campaign told America’s Last Line of Defense that the affair with Abedin is the real reason Strzok was fired.

“It was never about the text messages. Mueller’s entire team is anti-Trump. The problem was the affair with that Abedin bitch. Mueller knew that if it was made public then his funding would be pulled by Congress. So, in a desperate attempt to keep the affair from leaking, he blamed it on the Trump tweets. It’s like the Benghazi video all over again.”

If what our FBI source says is true, that means it is entirely possible that Strzok closed the Hillary investigation because he was banging her campaign vice chair. We all knew Hillary Clinton was lying to the FBI about her private server and charges should have absolutely been brought against her but for some reason the investigation was suddenly dropped. I made no sense. So this revelation makes perfect sense. Strzok was sleeping with Abedin and she must have begged him to let her boss off, so he did. The FBI agent went to James Comey, said there was no there there and Comey cleared Clinton.

Now Robert Mueller is trying to clean it up in order to keep his meal ticket. Mr. Trump is right, it’s time to end this investigation and lock all of these FBI liars up.