BREAKING: Documents Prove Doug Jones Is A Secret Muslim

Troubling documents have surfaced from Birmingham that prove that Doug Jones, the newly elected Senator from Alabama, converted to Islam nearly ten years ago. Since then, he’s been hiding his radicalism behind a fake leftist “Christian” front.

The documents, obtained by Breitbart, show that Jones has gone all-in on the Moon God and that he will bring his radical ideas to the Senate floor, including opening the borders to “whoever wants to come.”

Alabama Secretary of State, Mike Fiorentino, says that this new revelation may be enough to cause him to hold off on certification of the election until the allegations can be addressed.

The news comes as the Supreme Court takes up the case of whether or not Muslims can legally hold seats in Congress, since they refuse to place their hands on the bible to be sworn in.

President Trump hasn’t weighed in other than to reiterate that he “knew there was something off about Jones.”

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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