UPDATE: Doug Jones Upgraded To Critical Condition

The insider at Mercy General Hospital who informed the media that Alabama Senator-Elect Doug Jones had been admitted after a “significant cardiac event” has now reported that Jones’ condition has been upgraded from stable to critical condition. The announcement comes just hours before Roy Moore was scheduled to make his final concession call.

The hospital is reporting through official channels that there is no Doug Jones and that any information concerning the patient recently moved to the ICU after suffering a second heart attack would need to be directed to the State’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

The source inside the hospital is a charge nurse on an adjacent wing with enough access to have made a visual confirmation that the patient is, in fact, Doug Jones and that he is not looking like he’s going to live through the night.

The Democrats would love to keep this information to themselves and install some look-alike until they can run a black woman against Roy Moore in 2018. Unfortunately for them, the people of Alabama are tired of the games and want the silliness to end. They want Roy Moore. Just look at the ballots. He clearly won after the military and provisional ballots came in at 22043 for Moore and only 114 for Jones.

The Demorats were about to steal a Senate seat. God just gave it back.

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