BREAKING: Disgraced Former AG Sally Yates Now Under Investigation


When President Trump fired corrupt former Attorney General Sally Yates for leaking sensitive information to the press, liberals were furious — and now there will definitely be gnashing of teeth in their little safe spaces because Republicans have just one more witness scheduled for the Russia investigation: Yates.

According to The Hill, “members of Congress have many questions about how various pieces of sensitive information made it from Yates’ office to the media – specifically classified information Yates possessed that MSNBC broadcasted two days before she was fired.”

It’s not been made clear which information is being referenced, but the report seems to be referencing leaked information related to Michael Flynn’s alleged “collusion” with Russia. It is almost certain that our lawmakers also have questions about reports that Yates had personally “unmasked” a number of U.S. citizens for political reasons — specifically to throw gasoline on the “Russia” fire.

This may seem routine on the surface, but policy expert Lucas Collier tells Breitbart that “lawmakers seem to be preparing to have Yates charged with some pretty serious crimes.”

“It’s a felony to leak classified information, and someone in Yates’ office did that,” Collier says. “Lawmakers seem to think it was her, and if she admits to it it will definitely make things interesting.”

Yates is scheduled to testify on December 28, and it will almost certainly be interesting. Mark your calendars.

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