BREAKING: Sasha Obama’s Best Friend Speaks Out About Car Wreck


As you’ve probably heard, former First Daughter Sasha Obama managed to wreck her brand new (used) Bugatti into a lake earlier this week — something that has gotten relatively no media attention compared to the media’s fixation on President Trump’s children.

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt and there was barely any property damage (unless you count the $1.1 million used vehicle) but one of Obama’s friends who was in the car revealed something startling to the D.C. Register on Thursday:

16-year-old Fiona Dourif says she was a passenger in Obama’s car the day of the wreck.

“We were high riding and she didn’t notice the turn coming up and next thing you knew we were swimming back to the road,” Dourif says.

“High riding” is a term young people use for driving while smoking marijuana.

While no drugs were found in the car, Dourif says that she “ditched” everything in the weeds before police arrived.

“I can’t get caught, I can’t get caught, my dad will kill me if I get caught,” Obama told her friends in a panic after wrecking her car into the lake according to Dourif.

It is, of course, a crime to drive under the influence of any drug even in states where recreational marijuana use is legal. According to the Council for Change, a nonprofit based on Ororo, Maine, marijuana use while driving has “spiked 5,000% in the past twelve years” — a danger law enforcement is largely ill-equipped to handle given the difficulty of accurately testing drivers for the drug.

It seems little Sasha is growing up to follow in her father, “Choom Gang” leader Barack Obama’s, footsteps as a drug-addled fraud.

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