Loretta Lynch’s Pilot Breaks His Silence: ‘There Were 2 Other People On That Plane’

Defense Department pilot Dimitri Noonan, who was recently discovered to be alive and well and an actual person, says he will testify not only to the conversation as he calls it that happened on his Gulfstream but also who the other two participants were. According to Noonan’s attorney:

“Dimitri has first-hand knowledge of two people other than Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch who were on that plane. They were picked up at an unscheduled stop and returned just as quietly.”

While Goodman doesn’t disclose who his client saw, it has become fairly common knowledge that Paul Ryan, who is already fleeing for safety in 2018, had his first meeting with his new master, George Soros, and that Clinton was there to make him feel better while Lynch was there to witness in case anything ever came of the meeting legally.

Noonan hasn’t come out and publicly stated it yet and probably won’t until he knows he’s safely away from any threat of repercussions from the Clinton Crime Syndicate. His life is in danger just for being alive and he knows it. Last time he surfaced they went so far as to have the fact-checkers say he never existed at all. How do they explain the fact that here he is again; a living, breathing human being?

They won’t explain it. They never do.

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