Nancy Pelosi To Resign Amid Harassment Allegetions

Lock her up

Yet another member of the Democrat party is about to step down for being a lying scumbag who harasses their underlings — bit it might shock you who it is this time.

According to Breitbart News, a male page is now accusing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of some pretty horrible stuff.

Breitbart reports that House page Neil Smith has accused Pelosi of sexual harassment thanks to the way she treated him behind closed doors.

Smith says he was forced to “perform duties far outside the range of normal,” which included “providing Pelosi with foot rubs and other services which made Mr Smith feel uncomfortable.

Pelosi has not bothered to deny the allegations, which are reportedly backed by surveillance footage.

Pelosi is expected to step down “within weeks” of the beginning of 2018 and the California governor is already seeking a replacement.

According to Breitbart, “many names” are being considered for a replacement though no specifics are available immediately.

Once again we are able to see the Democrat Party for what it is, and once again we are reminded that you never see this kind of think when republicans are involved.

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