BREAKING: Barack Obama’s ‘White’ Grandmother Was An Illegal Alien

The latest scandal to rock the Obama family is going to send shockwaves through Washington, DC and quite possibly call back into question the legitimacy of the Obama Administration. Barack Obama’s grandmother, Matilda Tannabaker-Rhys, was never an American citizen, according to new reports.

Rhys, who moved from Wales to Hawaii on a student visa in 1923, was declared a United States citizen when Hawaii was granted statehood after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The problem is, according to the state charter, Rhys would have had to have been a citizen of Hawaii when the change happened.

She was not. She was a citizen of the United Kingdom; more specifically Wales. She lied on her Social Security papers and said she was a Hawaiian citizen, making the entire Obama family’s stint in Hawaii an illegal lie.

So, what does this do to the credibility of Obama’s claims that he was born in the 50th state? It doesn’t definitively prove anything, but it does call into question the integrity of the statements taken by his grandmother before she died.

Obama’s spokesman has refused to answer questions, telling us to “get over it…he isn’t President anymore.”

That probably goes right along with that liberal “what difference does it make” logic. They must figure if it’s good enough to get a criminal like Hillary off of more than 2 dozen murder charges, it can work for him, too.

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