UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Muslim Federal Judge Declares Doug Jones The Winner In Alabama

Judge Alan James al Kaleel of the liberal 9th District Court of Appeals has decided that he is above the law and the Constitution of the United States by declaring Doug Jones the winner of the special run-off election in Alabama. The ruling came just after the Moore campaign introduced the results of the provisional and military ballots that put him over the top.

Moore’s campaign has filed an injunction with the 22nd District Court and plans to file an appeal to the Supreme Court:

“The voters of Alabama have spoken and they want a man of God who believes in the Christian Nation we all live in. No judge, especially no Muslim judge, is going to keep God’s will from making Roy Moore the junior Senator from Alabama.”

The Jones campaign hasn’t responded to requests for comments. The last thing Jones had to say was that Moore was being a “spoiled little brat sore loser” and that he should “accept that democratic elections, not Jesus, decide who will serve the people of Alabama.”

Moore contends that another recount is necessary now that the military ballots show him in the lead. The court responded:

“There was no recount of those ballots. It appears that the Moore campaign is simply assuming that they will gain 20,700 votes to none for Doug Jones, which is preposterous at best.”

Moore responded with “We’ll see who is preposterous when judgment day comes.” There’s a man who knows that God always wins.

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