Planned Parenthood Partner Caught Doing Something Absolutely Horrible

What the hell?

Harveston Genetics isn’t exactly a household name but they are a major player in leftist organ sales organization Planned Parenthood — and one of the Chicago based company’s trucks was seen doing something really weird.

On Tuesday morning an eagle eyed patriot noticed one of Harveston’s trucks pulling up to the Pho Wan Noodle House at 40 East Grand Ave in Chicago.

The driver was seen unloading multiple “biohazard” cartons in front of the restaurant and taking them inside. Pho Wan is famous in the area for its beef and pork dishes, leading many to ask what’s going on here.

Why would a medical company be making deliveries to an Asian food joint? What possible use could they have for what we can only assume is aborted fetuses given that Harveston’s partnership with Planned Parenthood accounted for 87 percent of their business in 2017?

Calls made to the Chicago Police Department were immediately dismissed by the dispatcher who told our own William Farrow he was “imagining things” but photos don’t lie:

A call to Harveston was returned with a “no comment.” What exactly is going on here? Why can’t we get answers about why Planned Parenthood is dealing (indirectly) with restaurants?


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