BREAKING: Muslim Waitress Refuses To Seat 27-Person Church Group Because ‘Religious Freedom’


The meaning of “religious freedom” has been repeatedly perverted by liberal perverts over the years, but Muslim waitress Sallah al-Sallah took things farther than usual when she used it to take away the rights of 27 Christians, many of whom were children.

The St. Pleasant Allegorical Church of the Divine decided to do something nice for the people in the choir and take them out to dinner at the Waffle House in Arnbur, Michigan — but their fun evening took a horrible turn when they met al-Sallah.

The church group had called ahead to let the restaurant know they had a large party, but when they arrived they told Sallah their group name and she instantly became “combative” according to Pastor Joe Friedrichs.

“She told us she couldn’t seat us,” Friedrichs told the Arnbur Explorer in an interview published the day after the incident. ”

“She said that she was forbidden by her holy book to feed ‘infidels’ like us” and that she “could not take part in our meal in any way, even by seating us,” Friedrichs explained, adding that the group asked if another employee could help them. al-Sallah told them the restaurant was “shorthanded.”

The group left peacefully but were “accosted” by police who received a complaint that they were trespassing on the property. The officer left without citing anyone.

The restaurant refused comment, but confirmed that the hostess was still employed at the Waffle House and would not be fired because she was “acting within the bounds of religious freedom.”

The St Pleasant Church is considering a civil rights lawsuit.

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