UPDATE: Steve Bannon LIED In Exchange For Money From The Deep State

Steve Bannon is a traitor!

Why is former White House advisor Steve Bannon suddenly attacking President Trump? If you guessed it’s probably some deep state shenanigans you’re correct.

Months ago, the thought of Bannon calling the Trump family “treasonous” like he just left a Soros re-education camp would be strange but everyone has a price, and Steve Bannon’s price has apparently been met. According to a report by liberal publication Media Matters, Bannon — who once railed against the “deep state” threat facing our country — now is part of it:

Bannon shocked supporters by siding against Trump, but his motives may not be as “pure” as some anti-Trump people suspect.

According to the FEC, Bannon’s Super PAC received a large donation ($245,327) from Stavros Industries, which is owned by billionaire industrialist and philanthropist George Soros. Bannon is considering a presidential run in 2020.

It is unclear if this motivated Bannon’s recent turn against his former master, but the money certainly did not hurt the decision.

The timing of the release of Bannon’s lies is very suspicious, coming directly following President Trump’s middle class tax cut win over the Democrat Party. It’s not at all surprising that personal enrichment was attached to the statement, is it?

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