Trump-Hating Author Lied About One Major Thing In His Trashy New Book

The man who wrote the book liberals are calling “the end of Trump’s Presidency” are forgetting one major detail: The book is built on a single premise that is 100 percent a lie. That premise is that the author was an insider in Trump’s businesses.

The reality is, the author changed his name from Manuel Valencia to Mike Wollf so he could assume the identity of a man who worked with Trump for years before he retired and died quietly in Kuala Lumpur. That means the entire book, from the first page of trashy lies right down to the last, can be called a work of fiction.

Amazon has already acknowledged that they may need to label the book satire and Books A Million is considering pulling it all together. Bircham Brightman, the publishing house that put the book on the market, says they bought the book after checking the dates and references to the name of the author. Everything lined up, so even though they never met the author, they paid $4 million for the book.

The book was released by Amazon yesterday and has already sold more than 6 million copies. A lot of angry customers are gonna want their money back.

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