JUST IN: Late Night Raid On Democrat Congressman’s ‘Salvage Yard’ Nets 14 Pounds Of Meth

When Police outside of Hollister, Kentucky raided the property listed as “Apex Salvage and Used Auto Parts,” they found a small shop that was buying and selling parts online and for about 30 hours a week to the public, turning a small but fairly insignificant profit. That business, however, was confined to one small building on a nearly 150-acre property.

Somewhere in the back corner, hidden under carefully placed canopies between huge Douglas firs, they found a laboratory capable of producing more than a pound of methamphetamine per day and a stockpile of nearly 14 pounds of street-ready dope.

The owner of the property, US Representative Jacob Gillstroff (D-Tennessee), has been under investigation by the DEA for nearly a year. Shortly after he won his bid for Congress when his opponent died under suspicious circumstances, Gillstroff bought the old salvage yard and moved the online business in, calling it a “worthy investment” for his family.

The DEA became suspicious when the so-called “salvage yard” stopped buying cars and started buying all of their orders from online stores, cutting profits in half or worse. They did a year’s worth of surveillance and served the warrant to search to Gillstroff at his home while they kicked the doors in more than 200 miles away.

Gillstroff is currently still being held at his home until the final results of the search come in and he can be formerly charged and booked. We’ll keep you updated throughout the night.

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