Muslim ‘Refugee’ Caught Aiming Rocket Launcher At Trump Tower


On Monday, a massive fire  rocked Trump Tower, severely injuring a civilian, an engineer, and a firefighter who bravely did his job to ensure that the blaze was extinguished. While the mainstream media has been light on details surrounding what caused the fire — which suspiciously started in the building’s HVAC system — reports from sources in the New York City Police Department indicate that the fire was no accident.

Officially, the cause of the fire is “undetermined” and “under investigation.” But the NYPD radios were buzzing at around the same time as the fire about an “Arab man” who was aiming “what appears to be a rocket launcher” from a rooftop nearby.

The NYPD confirmed to Breitbart News that a man matching that description “was arrested two blocks from the incident and that ammunition for the weapon was also confiscated.” As of yet, it is unclear if the weapon was recovered.

According to NYU onychomycologist Sky Bethania Schenk, it is “entirely possible that a blast from the weapon caused the destruction on the building’s roof,” though it is important to note that the NYPD has made no such confirmation.

The man who was arrested has not been named, but a source in the Department of Homeland Security says he was a “refugee” from Syria who came to the United States in 2015.

“This matter is sensitive and still under investigation,” a spokeswoman from the NYPD says.

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