BREAKING: CNN Accidentally Identifies Who Leaked Trump’s Private Remarks


Oops! While they celebrated what they viewed as a racist remark President Trump made — that we need to stop providing special protection to people who come from “sh*thole” third-world countries like Africa and instead bring in people who come from more prosperous nations like Norway — during a closed-doors meeting, CNN made a tiny mistake that could cost someone his job: they accidentally identified the leaker.

An email they displayed on the screen shows that someone in the White House did indeed leak the information, but they accidentally left part of a White House email address unmasked, which was just enough to identify the man.

He calls himself “Dave” in the email, and according to public records there is exactly one White House employee who could claim the email address “” — David Swanson, who works as a supervisor in the White House kitchen.

a photo of David Swanson, via Twitter

Swanson was confirmed working that day by investigative journalist Charles Johnson, who obtained his schedule.

So far, the White House has not released a statement on the matter, but it’s probably safe to say that this leaker is out of a job or worse — facing criminal charges for leaking national security information to the press.

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