CLINTON COMA UPDATE: None Of Hillary’s Organs Are Worth Harvesting

Dr. James Batt, son of the late Dr. Sandy Batt who invented the artificial heart, says he wishes he could have gotten to Hillary Clinton sooner. While he certainly doesn’t blame the staff for her imminent death,  he thinks he may have been a little better equipped to keep her alive:

“Before my mother died last fall we were working on some therapies for patients in Clinton’s exact condition that include emergency surgery to ice the heart and bypass until the hormones that caused the attack have subsided, increasing the rate of survival by nearly 40 percent.

That isn’t on the playlist at Westchester Memorial or most hospitals, for that matter.”

Batt was also tasked with harvesting Clinton’s viable organs after the decision is made to pull the plug. He says that due to her age and poor health, her body is a total loss and should be respectfully left alone after autopsy.

According to sources inside the Clinton compound in Chappaqua, Chelsea and her family are gathered along Bill and a handful of other close family members awaiting word of brain-death, which we’re told is inevitable at this point, as doctors can’t repair the damage. Bill Clinton will make the final decision to shut down life support when the time comes.

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