BUSTED! Obama Caught On Camera Smoking Pot With High School Kids (PIC INSIDE)

Barack Obama was caught red-handed this morning at a “Legalize It” rally in Palm Springs. He was seen with a group of high-school seniors, all of whom had to be 18 to attend the event, smoking what looked like the Riccola horn:

Those three kids, Dale Goff, Patty Martinez and Michale Shmidt, all confirmed that the guy with the yellow shirt behind the spliff is definitely Barack Obama. All three say they’d swear in a court of law for the right price.

Obama hasn’t denied the allegations and has, instead, begun writing his own policy position on why marijuana should be legalized. While we don’t know his reasons yet, it will be for something ridiculous, like racism or unfair mandatory minimums. Always is.

This is the man Democrats want as a role model for your children. A pansy of a gay Muslim who hates guns and America and spent his entire career apologizing. Those people always manage to send their worst to Washington. You know what they say: You can take the rat of the hood…

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