UPDATE: Hillary Clinton’s Excruciating Death Was ‘Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie’

epa03240652 An image that was published by Syrian citizen platform Houla Media Center on 26 May 2012 and offered for download on its facebook page shows bodies covered in white shrouds, allegedly killed in the massacre in Houla, Homs province, Syria, 25 May 2012. Syrian authorities deny any responsibility of Syrian forces in the Houla massacre that left more than 100 civilians dead, among them many women and children. UN and Western countries are increasing their pressure. EPA/HOULA MEDIA CENTER/HANDOUT ATTENTION: EPA IS USING AN IMAGE FROM AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE, THEREFORE EPA CANNOT CONFIRM DATE, CONTENT AND SOURCE OF THE IMAGE. - BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Hillary Clinton was killed this morning along with nearly 20 high-ranking Democrat officials when the plane they were traveling in was hijacked by patriots looking to serve justice for America. The men, former Navy SEALs, took the plane with the intent of “executing the prisoners on board for their high crimes.”

The man in charge, John LeTourneau, used his own 30-round magazine and put a single bullet in the heads of the 18 party officials while Clinton watched in horror. His partner,  Petty Officer Jack Bowman, said it was “satisfying” to watch certain members of the Dem elites lose some grey matter:

“Seeing the lifeless eyes of scumbags like Sandy Batt and Jolie Robbins really just made my day. Thosae bitches and their constant cries for ‘equality’ always made me sick. That was nothing, though, compared to what we did to Killary.”

Hillary Clinton was tied to a winch cable and released until she was flying behind the plane like a sign to Eat at Joe’s. LeTourneau, a certified explosives expert, then detonated a series of C4 charges in her pantsuit pockets simultaneously, sending bits of Clinton raining down on Little Rock, Arkansas.

Reynolds described the scene to police as he was being handcuffed as a “glorious moment of pink mist that ended with a better, safer world.”

Both men are in custody and charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder and unlawful disposal of a body. They both say they’ll happily choose the firing squad when they’re sentenced to death. Reynolds said it would be “fitting” to have his brothers in uniform pulling triggers after the Court Marshal.

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