BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Expected To Plead Guilty

Late last night, news leaked that the Senate Intelligence Committee had turned their sights on Nancy Pelosi broke — and things are not looking good for her.

Overshadowed by news of the memo, which revealed widespread corruption at our highest levels of government and Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the FBI to destroy President Trump, was a report by Breitbart that reveals:

Thanks in no small part to the information revealed in the memo, Robert Mueller is finally cracking down on Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, who is expected to be indicted on two counts of obstructing justice.

According to a source within the FBI, Pelosi was connected to the infamous meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac. It is rumored but not yet confirmed that Lynch will be indicted as well. There is no news about Bill Clinton.

President Donald Trump has been telling the fake news media that the Democrats were colluding with Russia from the very beginning. Now, maybe, they will be forced to listen.

If indicted, the unnamed source says, Pelosi will likely plead guilty because of the “insurmountable mountain of evidence that will be placed before her.”

With the exception of the corrupt, partisan witch hunt against the Trump administration, the FBI does not typically file charges unless they can secure a conviction. There’s a reason their conviction rate is over 97% — and Pelosi is about to find it out.

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