UPDATE: Liberal Who Fired Gun Outside White House Came To Kill Trump, FBI Releases New Details

The FBI has just released new news about the mentally unstable man who shot himself outside the White House gates, and it’s going to make liberals furious.

58 1/2-year-old Christopher Blaire of Orono, New York hopped in his car Friday night and drove to Washington D.C. with his 12-year-old son. Then, while his son was out visiting the sights, Blaire had something else in his “sights” — a window looking into the Oval Office.

“Mr. Blaire intended to use his personal, legally-purchased semiautomatic handgun to ‘eliminate the only real problem our nation faces,'” FBI spokeswoman Matilda Desmond told Fox News Saturday afternoon. “Upon searching his home, we discovered a cache of illegal weapons and drugs. A search of his social media showed that he didn’t just not like the President – he wanted him dead.” More weapons were recovered from the trump of Blaire’s 1997 Ford Explorer, though Desmond does not mention specifics.

“Someone needs to let President Stable Genius meet Mr. Bullet,” Blaire posted a day before he left for D.C. to allegedly take his son sightseeing. Other social media posts call President Trump a “tinpot micropenised dictator” and say that “every day he lives is a day too long”

“The FBI has catalogued more than 4,327 references to Trump dying in Blaire’s Facebook timeline alone,” Desmond says.

Blaire was cornered by the Secret Service when he turned his weapon on himself. He is currently in critical condition at D.C. Metro Hospital where he is under police guard until he recovers.

Blaire managed to fire a single bullet at the White House, but it harmlessly bounced off of the outer wall. If he recovers, he is expected to be charged with attempted assassination of a U.S. President, which could mean his son is growing up without a daddy.

We say execute him!

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