New Photo Evidence PROVES Hillary Clinton Was In Benghzi The Day Of The Attack

New evidence released today from the Committee to Convict Clinton shows that the Obama Administration lied about then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s whereabouts on the day of the Benghazi attack. Reports have shown from the beginning that Clinton worked from the White House until about 3 AM when she sent home and went to bed.

That story is crumbling as one of her security detail, Johannis Brock, breaks his silence and offers proof:

“There were 8 of us on her detail. All of us wanted to help but she ordered to stay put. She said the President ordered them to protect her at all costs.

8 guys, all special forces trained, holed up in a hotel just blocks away. We could have saved them. Maybe not at the consulate but definitely at the annex. We were itching to go. She said no.”

Brock has turned several pictures he took of him and Clinton in Benghazi with time and date stamps over to the AG’s office.

A spokesman for Obama and another from Clinton have said that these theories are nothing but fantasies made up by men who want to be famous. Both compounds are holding to their fake news “she was in bed” story.

The Justice Department has been ordered to look into the allegations. Republican congressional leaders are considering re-opening the Benghazi case. Trey Gowdy has even hinted at another term:

“I want to pursue a career in law enforcement, but with this new evidence I just don’t see leaving right this moment. There’s work to do.”

The White House has had no comment on the issue.

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