BREAKING: Stormy Daniels Arrested For Perjury

Word out of Las Vegas this afternoon is that Stormy Daniels, the slut pornstar who falsely accused our President of having an affair with her, has been arrested for perjury. The arrest, which is unrelated to the (non-existent) Trump case, shows that Daniels is a liar.

Nevada Attorney General Malcolm Reynolds told correspondent Art Tubolls:

“Ms. Daniels lied under oath about an affair she had with a prominent businessman. She tried to blackmail him but he wouldn’t cave. Now she’s got some explaining to do.”

Sounds an awful lot like what she’s trying to do to President trump. Of course, the liberals will say she’s telling the truth no matter what just because she described the president’s private parts in such detail that even Melania believed it. She must have paid some doctor or guy at Trump’s gym big money for that info.

Now that her credibility has been destroyed maybe the president can get back to doing what matters.


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